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Walk with us.
Together unlocking potential for positive growth and change through the power of applied behavior analysis and collaboration. You identify necessary improvement aims, we work with you to generate solutions which create sustainable change for you and organizations.

Experience the Professional Services of Behavior Solutions Collaborative

Behavior Solutions Collaborative is dedicated to empowering professionals through collaboration. Based on your needs you will be matched with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) who has a passion for, and advanced training or expertise in the area of need or targeted improvement aim. Our comprehensive range of knowledge and the innovative approach to consultation services meet the growing needs for behavior analytic support. Direct, affordable, remote consultation services will provide you with support, knowledge and practical strategies for exceptional outcomes.


We believe in going back to the fundamentals and helping you enhance your skills using a foundation of applied behavior analysis. Behavior Solutions Collaborative is personalized, affordable, innovative and tailored to ensure clients get the best possible results. Consultation will benefit teachers, paraprofessionals, BCBAs, SLPs, OTs, PTs, administration/leadership, and more. Ultimately increasing capacity for effective intervention, improvments and outcomes for you and those you serve. We want to reach beyond traditional models of ABA consultation services by walking with you.

How it Works


Set up an initial remote meeting to discuss your specific need and how we can provide support. There is no commitment during this introductory 15 minute connection. We want to learn about you and how to best provide consultative support




We will set you up with a member of the team best suited for you and propose a planMeetings can be remote or in person, individual or group with specific solutions to equip your team. Recommendations that are applicable and able to be implemented focused on observable change.


Additional support and follow up can be provided to ensure long lasting resultsConsultation can be on-going as needs arise. 


Our Team 

The Behavior Solutions Collaborative team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, each having at least 20 years of expertise in their fields. With various levels of knowledge and in-depth experience, this team is dedicated to providing tailored and comprehensive behavioral support services and solutions.

Jennifer Allen
  • Implementation of the VB-MAPP and setting up a VB program

  • Toilet training

  • Novel foods

  • Natural environment teaching and lesson planning

  • Setting up systems for DTT and data collection

  • Staff training

  • Increasing communication

  • Verbal behavior

  • Writing objective and measurable goals

Monique Antaya
  • Natural environment teaching and lesson planning

  • How to write teaching and lesson planning programs with measurable goals

  • DTI, TIC, and ABA

  • Working with parents and coaching families

  • Basics of writing a behavior plan

  • Verbal behavior

  • How to negotiate difficult meetings

Holly Blais
  • School violence

  • Trauma informed practices

  • ACT/Psychological Flexibility

  • Social emotional learning (SEL)

  • Leadership development

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Restorative practices

  • Sex/sexuality education and behavior

  • Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS-B)

  • Organizational Behavior

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